Nick is a writer, language strategist and simplifier of things. He’s good at pinning things down. And shaking things up.

  1. What's a ‘language strategist’?
    I help brands and businesses of all shapes and sizes to grab opportunities and fix problems, using words. I used to do this as strategy partner at The Writer. Now I do it by myself.

  2. What, specifically, do you do? 
    I help people get their words just right. Big picture things, like sorting out their story or defining their tone of voice. And detailed things from writing proposals and speeches, to untangling complicated content or other kinds of 'information design'. I also run workshops to help people do these things (and more) themselves. Check out the eight main reasons people tend to call me.

  3. And why are words so important?
    Just the right words, in just the right order, can change the world. Or make you a fortune. Or light a fire. Or make the penny drop. Or sell a product, clear up a confusion, make a customer happy. And the wrong words? They can lose you a fortune, light other kinds of fires, create confusion, make a customer angry...

  4. Did you also write The Exploding Boy, and that book about toast? 
    Yes, that’s me. You’ll be wanting this page here.

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