how I can help

I help brands get their words just right. From big picture things like tone of voice, to the fine detail of their small print. And most things in between.
  1. We need to sort out our tone of voice
    Do you need to define your brand's tone of voice for the first time?. Or shake up the one you’ve got? Or help people to use the perfectly good one your brand strategy agency did for you, but you’ve left on the shelf?
  2. We need to get our story straight 
    Stories. Elevator pitches. Messaging. Narratives. They’re the hardest few sentences most organisations ever have to write. I can help you pin it all down in a way that’s simple, memorable, and useable.
  3. We need to make this really tricky content understandable
    Our lives are filled with serious words that are seriously confusing: end user agreements we just ‘accept’. policies and contracts we file without reading. Small print that drives us insane. If you’re a brand, how do you even begin to tackle this stuff? Have a read of my open letter to Apple. Then give me a call.  
  4. We think our words might be the ‘nudge’ we’ve been looking for
    There’s a lot of fuss about ‘behavioural insights' just now – the idea that small changes can actually ‘nudge’ people’s behaviour in big and positive ways. (Well, you don't say.) What's interesting is many of these nudge opportunities are to do with what and how we write. Let's find the opportunities in your writing, and give 'em a nudge.
  5. We'd like to be more confident and effective writers
    Email. PowerPoint. Word. LinkedIn. Marketing (because we have to do it ourselves now the budget's been cut). That new internal ‘it’s like Facebook for your business’ platform... Everyone’s a writer at work now. Yet many people find writing one of the hardest parts of their job. I've trained tens of thousands of people to write more effectively
  6. Gah! Our words are stuck in a rut
    You write the same words, on the same subjects, every single day. Your messages are feeling dull and your sentences are getting stale. And if you’re boring yourself, you know you’ll be boring your customers too. You need a refresher, a zinger, a blast of fresh thinking. Let's shake things up.
  7. Please come and speak at our event
    Among other things, I’ve got 1,000-seater theatres writing poetry, and picked a fight with three hundred New York lawyers at once. The Economist conferences said ‘Nick is consistently voted one of our best speakers – he’s funny, insightful and energetic’. Which was nice of them.
  8. We’d like a second opinion on this thing we've written
    Sure, wing it over. Let’s have a look.